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Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Day In the Park...

We had big plans for a day at Irvine Park in Orange. I told the kids all about this fabulous park and about the many Sundays I'd spent there when I was their age. We packed our picnic lunch and the car and set out for the OC. Well, as many great plans go, this one was just not meant to be. When we got to the park entrance the parking lot was closed. The side streets were lined with cars, the sidewalks filled with people and the police were diverting the steady flow of cars filled with disappointed included.

It was on to Plan B. The only problem was that each family member had a different idea of what Plan B should be. Damond and Caty wanted to head to the beach and Chloe thought we should just drive through the crowd and go to the park anyway. We ended up going to a small community park down the street. This park didn't have a train running through it or a lake or paddle boats, but it was perfect. It was filled with families, just like ours, enjoying the beautiful day and each other. Damond and the girls played catch, although there wasn't much "catching" going on, and I took pictures and laughed! It was a great day.


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